A passion for producing distinctive wines, and for protecting the rural landscape.

Herdade do Freixo is an agricultural company based in the north-east of Portugal's Alentejo region, in the Redondo council area. The heart of its business is winemaking using grape varieties with great potential to adapt to the soil and climate of the estate along with innovative details that give its wines character and showcase the company's expertise.

This is around 300 hectares of pure Alentejo landscape, in the village of Freixo, between Évora and the Ossa mountain range. Our highest ambition is to preserve this rural landscape and for our wines to embody the heart of our Land, our vines and the terroir.

This ambition is followed through with a winery built entirely under ground. It is unique in Europe, sits seamlessly within the landscape and has no impact on the ecosystem.

This is an innovative project with a respect for nature at its heart and an attractive terroir that is expressed in its wines.

A passion for producing distinctive wines and for protecting the rural landscape

The Herdade do Freixo has its origin from a passion of investors for the Alentejo, for its wines, and an ambition to build a generational reference project, maintaining the centenary authenticity of the property.

It joins their passion for preserving the rural landscape of the hills of Herdade do Freixo, focused on the protection of local fauna and flora, allied

to the production of wines of unquestionable quality, with a unique winery in the village of Freixo, in Redondo, and classic wines, which represent the best of the essence of their origin, while protecting the Lands from an agricultural, visual and environmental point of view.

Production concepts and decisions focused on creating a distinctive style of wine

Every step has been consistently thought out, from selecting the grape varieties and clones, to planting the vines, to the adopted style of viticulture and winemaking , the selection of lots and the almost two-year ageing process at depth, at constant temperatures throughout the year. Every choice made in building the Herdade do Freixo project has been and remains focused on making wines with great concentration and persistence alongside an unusual lightness and longevity for the wines of the region.

At Herdade do Freixo we make a commitment to our customers and suppliers by building strong partnerships focused on shared ideals of excellence, trust and sustainability.


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